Who we are ...

We are a non-profit (501 c 3 Corporation) shelter run by volunteers, working to help solve the dog and cat problems in our community.

Our caretakers do all the feeding, kennel and litter box cleaning.

Our dogs and cats need people time and that’s where you can help.

  • Dog walking, socializing, toy/game play sessions in fenced yards, buddy time in the kennel.

  • Cat/kitten socializing, toy play, brushing, help administering flea protection and with nail trims.

  • Offsite events – booth coverage, promoting the shelter and our animals, occasionally animal handling, transport to and from events.
  • Our Board of Directors

    • President - Tom Blacklock
    • Vice President - John Pucci
    • Treasurer - Evelyn Tattini 
    • Director - Lucille Page
    • Secretary - Lynda Binkley
    • Director - Jerri Blacklock
    • Director - Kirk Kothmann DVM
    • Director - Richard Lindell
    • Director - Jenny Burgess

    What else we do ...

    We seek to place pets in forever homes where they will be part of the family. We spay or neuter every dog or cat in our shelter. Where possible, we treat them for parasites, injuries, and illnesses. We microchip them. We educate adopters about how to be responsible pet owners.

    In addition to caring for animal needs, volunteers perform much of the construction, repairs and grounds maintenance answer phone and email inquiries and maintain records on the animals. For more information, please contact us at: Phone: 830 980-BAHS (2247)   email - bahshelter@yahoo.com 

    For more information, please contact us at: Phone: 830 980-BAHS (2247)   email - bahshelter@yahoo.com